Empowerment of Dalit : Our responsibilities

Empowerment of Dalit : Our responsibilities

Brief report on the Round table on “Empowerment of Dalit : Our responsibilities"

Introduction: NNMC has organized a Round Table meeting on Empowerment of Dalit : Our responsibilities jointly with National Human Rights Commission with the support of HEKS on 4th March, 2015 at the Daily Ittefaq Conference room as a part of advocacy campaign. All the discussion and recommendation will publish on 21st March (International day for the elimination of Racial Discrimination) in a supplementary copy. 


The objectives of the event was

  • To raise the constrain issues for empowerment of Dalit Communities
  • To influence the Policy makers for creating favorable policy context for Dalit Communities

Participants: Total 14 number of the guests were participated in the discussion. Dr. Mizanur Rahman, Chairperson, National Human Rights Commission, Ms. Tasnima Hossain, Editor, The Daily Ittefuq ( a popular Bangla daily news paper), Dr. Ainoon Nahar,Prof. Anthropology, Jahangir Nagar University, Ms. Moni rani Das, BDERM, Mr. Nirmal Chandra Das, Harijon Okkoyo Parishad, Ms. Prio Bala, Executive Director, Sharee, Ms. Afsana, Nagorik Uddog, Ms. Mohua, Manusher Jonno Foundation, Ujjol Kumar Das, General Secretary, Joint Secretary, Bangladesh Dalit Parishad  and  representative from NNMC and HEKS. 


Process: At the beginning, Monjun Nahar present a paper on Empowerment of Dalit and after her presentation, she requested the guest to provide their opinion on the issue of Empowerment of the Dalit and hoped that these comments will contribute in the process of their development.


Major recommendations:

  • Alternative job creation 
  • Policy advocacy for ensuring their land rights, particularly access to the KHAS land, 
  • Include moral education in  primary education curriculum 
  • Sensitization of the mass people  
  • Allocate separate  budget in the national budget for the Community 
  • Access to Ration of the community providing by the government 
  • Implementation of the Anti discriminatory law 
  • Increase Quota system in education  
  • Awareness building  among the students 
  • Conduct in-depth study on the community
  • Involve both print and electronic media   


Besides this, the Chairperson of National Human Rights Commission explored some way in where all the actors working together for achieving their common agendas.



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