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Visit  Victimized Shantal Adibashi

Visit Victimized Shantal Adibashi

In 24th January 2015, while having a dispute of land ownership between the Bengali community and the Santal community of Habibpur of Chirakuta village of Mostophapur union under Dinajpur district, 1 Bengali peoples were died being pierced by a poisoned arrow thrown by Santal.  There were 54 Santal houses in the para. The Bengali community then attacks the Santal village, and burnt 7 houses, destroyed furniture, cooking utensils, irrigation machines and other assets. Bengalis looted teir money, jewelries, cloths, around 170 cows, number of goat/sheep, poultry birds and every household belonging. People irrespective of age, sex were physically battened. The fear of further attack and police harassments Male counterparts flee away from houses. Women, children and elderly had been passing trough inhuman situations. They had no food or cloths or shelter and had been passing terrible winter nights under the open sky.   HEKS and NNMC had an immediate meeting with Bangladesh government Indigenous affairs Parliamentary Caucus group to rush a joint visit in order to make the victims feel that government and development agencies are beside them. Along with the Caucus team   Mr. Mostafizur Rahman MP (Honorable Minister, Ministry of Primary Mass Education) visited the place.  The other members of Indigenous affairs Parliamentary Caucus group were Mr. Mostafizur Rahman MP (Honorable Minister, MoPME), Mr. Nazmul Haque Prodhan MP (Panchagar-1), Mr. Khalid Mahmud Chowdhury Rangpur Divisional organizational secretary, Bangladesh Awami League (Rangpur), Mr. Monoranjan Shil, MP and Prof. Mesbah Kamal (Technocrat Member, IP Caucus). The visitors were accompanied by ED and programme director do GBK and CD & ACC of HOB.   



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