About Us

The Network of Non-Mainstreamed Marginalized Communities (NNMC) is a coordinated initiative for promoting rights and improving the livelihood conditions of the plane land Adibashi and Dalit communities in Bangladesh. As an open platform, NNMC involves individuals and groups of activists, community based organizations, NGOs and NGO networks media organizations to promote social inclusion of the Adibashi and Dalits communities in Bangladesh. 


HEKS  initiated the journey of NNMC started in 2008 by some CBO’s of the marginalized communities and the network has been formally launched in 2013. NNMC has been implementing its activities with the technical and financial supports of HEKS. The network concentrates on raising mass awareness, mobilizing public opinion, influencing policies and extending supports to the victims of Human Rights violation.





To protect and promote the interests and rights of the Adibashi  and Dalit  communities at local, national and international levels.


  • Empower the Adibashi and Dalit communities and advocate for social inclusion and mainstreaming in to socio- economic and political development process
  • Strengthen collective efforts of civil society organizations and networks working on social exclusion and minorities issues, to combat abuse and violation of Human Rights of the Adibashi  and Dalit communities
  • Facilitate opportunities for the Adibashi and Dalit communities aiming at their socio- economic advancement 
  • Influence national policies and mechanisms in fulfilling the commitment of the state in ensuring the rights of its citizens
  • Facilitate supports to the Advibashi and Dalit communities in case of Human Rights violation 



  • We believe in pluralism and appreciate inclusion of different identities, expressions and opinions within our team and works.
  • We operate in a way that is non-judgmental, and respectful of individual informed choice and dignity.
  • Adibashi and Dalit communities are our driving force and thereby we ensure our utmost efforts for their active engagement in the planning and implementation of NNMC’s programs.  
  • We recognize that our work is strengthened by working in partnership with other like-minded entities and thereby we are always interested in accommodating such entities within NNMC. At the same time, we strive continuously to build partnership/linkage with other potential networks. 



We link the organizations of Advibashi and Dalit communities with the policy makers; create space for thoughts and dialogues among the policy makers; activists and academia on the human & constitutional rights; develop pro-marginalized media alliance for mass opinion formation; promote indigenous knowledge and cultural goods & services; trigger and coordinate dialogues and initiatives within the civil society for persuasion of the common agenda of protection and promotion of the rights of the Adibashi and Dalit communities.