NNMC Strategy





·         Link the organizations of Adibashi and Dalit Communities with the policy makers to confirm sharing and exchange of views and opinions regarding the Human Rights situation and condition of the target communities


·         Create space for thoughts and dialogues among the policy makers, activists and academia on the Human and Constitutional Rights of the Adibashi and Dalit communities


·         Develop pro-marginalized media alliance for mass opinion formation to influence national policies through wider dissemination of information of the Adibashi and Dalit Communities


·         Promote indigenous knowledge and cultural goods & services of the Adibashi and Dalit communities as unique commodities, by using the economic and technological advancement in opening up vast prospects for creation and innovation, with a particular focus on the diversity of the supply of creative work


·         Trigger and coordinate dialogues and initiatives within the civil society for persuasion of the common agenda of protection and promotion of the rights of the Adibashi and Dalit communities